Right now I’m on better footing  – I’ve done my research.

But, thinking back on how I got started, I didn’t really feel that confident in the first few days of research.


Last August, I was preparing my material for  delivery of the course starting in September 2016.

It was based on the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam Syllabus for Animation and Game Design.

I looked at the  syllabus and at my research thus far and I realized that even though I’ve built up my knowledge base, how can I be sure I was on the right path?  How can I guide my students to produce what the examiners expected for coursework evaluation?

I thought to myself, I need to find a University  that’s made some waves. I enrolled for many online courses, one of the best in my opinion was from MSU.   I found an online learning website that offered game design and development in a structured manner.  With this , I had my answer:

  1. I would learn from the experts in the field  : Brian Winn and Casey O’ Donnel.  I studied every day.
  2. I would produce prototypes of what I learnt every day – hard evidence of my work.  This took the form of Unity  project prototypes.
  3.  I would present my work to my students.  If I could prototype a game, they could do so too.



All I needed to do was internalize my study game development.  I would have to be the subject matter expert .